Brief Introduction to My Vision and My Blog

Thank you for being here! This blog started out of the need to share all my reads with you – faster than I can make videos! Currently I post book videos on my YouTube Channel on Mondays. I have recently gotten out of years long reading slump and I have been devouring books way faster than I can share on one day a week! My back log of wonderful reads is getting bigger and bigger and I figure I can have this blog as a companion to my YouTube channel.

Why don’t you just you just take the leap and become an exclusively BookTube channel? Well, because I do not have the confidence to speak about books like many marvelous booktubers can. I read for fun, escapism and pure enjoyment. I consider my opinions honest, but selfishly leigh man-like. I also feel that I have different interests and different things to share. So far, my posting schedules work for me.

The current world situation has made it impossible for me to be near people and be as social as I feel I need to be in order to survive. I think this is the reason for my sudden social media presence (I was an antiquated hermit previously). I needed my voice to be heard, and I need to hear people’s voice. For that reason (and also because I am THAT person who has hundreds of folders on her computer and e-mail – I really need everything to be placed where it makes sense), I couldn’t just pick one platform as I haven’t found one in which I could do everything I envision. So, I would like you to invite you to follow me on any of the platforms that interest you, a quick breakdown of my plan for them is:

  • Youtube: Most weeks I post thrice in both English and Portuguese:
    • 🔍 Mystery Mondays 🔍: Everything book related: Book Reviews, Recommendation, Hauls. It is my laidback back approach to sharing books I have read. It is informal and based on emotional connections to the book, I can’t even pretend to know and use all the lingo! I love mysteries, so the majority of the books I share will be fictional mystery/thriller/horror/suspense books. 
    • 🎲 Wayward Wednesdays 🎲: It is my unpredictable posting day. Videos on Wednesdays will vary in theme and will follow my inspiration and gut. These videos could be on sustainability, the paranormal, cultural differences, entertainment, rants, raves and wonders. I could also talk about books and products, if I feel like there’s more to say that week!
    • 📝 Feedback Fridays 📝: Unboxing and product reviews. On Fridays I will be unboxing some subscriptions, reviewing products I use and sharing any discount codes I may have 🙂
  • Good Reads: I am very active on Goodreads and review books I read within a few days of finishing them.
  • Pinterest: Mainly boards ideas for entertaining, cooking and children’s activities
  • Facebook group: I have two groups, one in Portuguese and one in English and they are a melting pot of interests – it’s where we will discuss random topics, where members can start threads of things that interest them and a place where everyone can have a voice. (and of course, books will be a big part of it). I envision my groups as a virtual park, where everyone visits to meet people and have fun by doing and talking about things they love!
  • Instagram: I am currently trying to not give up on a “One year in Pictures project” I started in January. It’s a way I found to try and learn the platform and catch up with the times!
  • Blog: You will find mainly book related posts on this blog – sprinkled with an occasional feedback / unboxing posts about some boxes I subscribe to and really enjoy!
  • Twitter: This is the most inconsistent of them all. I am still learning to navigate it and let go of my need to be able to find posts months after!

I hope you like what you read here and decide to stay with me! 

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