Children Literature: Lockdown Hair by Linda Steinbock (2021) Review

Siona is me.

She is all of us.

This is a book about a girl trying to adjust to life during a pandemic. I work with children and I can honestly say that this book ticked all the boxes. I have been waiting for a book that addresses the pandemic and life changes and Linda did it BEAUTIFULLY!

Siona is a very relatable character and represents the beauty and simplicity of children’s thinking. This book seamlessly talks about changes we all have experienced: Moving relationships online, wearing masks, physically distancing, losing our jobs and going back to modified conditions.

Siona’s mom is a hairdresser, and Siona is worried about her mom’s safety once she goes back to work as, being a hairdresser, it is difficult to keep physical distance. In an authentic children way, Siona designs a plan for her mom. This book warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face and hope!

I cannot wait to share this with my classroom and use it as a starter point to meaningful conversations!

I also need to mention that I am always looking into bringing diversity into our library and I absolutely adore the illustration! I love when books are diverse without trying to be preachy and simply represents diversity seen in real life.

Thank you, Linda Steinbock, Canoe Tree Press and NetGalley for allowing me to read Lockdown hair in exchange for an honest review. #LockdownHair #NetGalley

Representation 10

Story 10

Illustration 10

My total rating: 5

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