Children Literature: Annalise’s Cough by DeMareon Gipson (2021) Review

A tale about environmental racism and eco-womanism (Not my words, but I couldn’t say it any better!)

I am mesmerized by this book. The illustration by Jessica Jones is beautiful and the story by DeMareon Gipson is powerful. Annalise’s Cough did an amazing job developing Annalise and Amira, two sisters, and representing their life. I love how it introduces the concept of community, empathy, self-worth, friendship, spirituality, environment, privilege, pollution, advocacy, and interconnectedness.

This is such a meaningful book that can open up so many discussions in the classroom. I can’t wait to discuss the mayflies with my students and explore how we can be more like them. I feel that this book can even be used by higher grades, such as 4-6, and hopefully some educators will use it and involve their students into advocacy. What a great way to honour the book by helping children critically think of their environment and start a petition to make their community better?

I am really excited for the release of Annalise’s Cough and the good it will do to everyone who reads it.

Thank you, Forward Publishing House, Demareon Gipson and NetGalley for an advanced copy of Annalise’s Cough in exchange for an honest review. #AnnalisesCough #NetGalley

you can buy Annalise’s cough at (I am not sponsored or affiliated, I’m just sharing where the book is available in case it interests you)

Representation 10

Story 10

Illustration 10

My total rating: 5

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