Children Literature: My Dad by Susan Quinn (2021) Review

Wonderful things happen when a father and child spend time together

I really enjoyed the concept of this story, quality time with a parent is always important. As most books tend to focus on cis female parents, I always appreciate stereotype-busting literature.

Marina Ruiz’s illustrations are so beautiful and I love how she captured the diversity of real life in her drawings. Susan Quinn’s story is equally amazing, the rhymes make it easy and exciting to read to children and for children to read it themselves, the examples of little things a parent does and how important it is for their children, are on point and attainable. Susan did a great job sharing that to be a hero to your child, being present in their lives is the best way.

If I could nit pick slightly, I felt that the book’s story lost a bit of its power when it slightly shamed busy fathers and implied that days are only special when it’s just father and child. These were two sentences in a larger context, and I fully admit I might have taken them the wrong way. I do not think this is the message children will get and I still absolutely feel this is an important book to have in any child’s collection.

I will for sure be adding this to my work library.

Thank you Quarto Publishing Group, Susan Quinn and NetGalley for an advanced copy of My Dad in exchange for an honest review.
#MyDad #NetGalley

Representation 10

Story 8

Illustration 10

My total rating: 4.66

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