Children Literature: Blossom and Bud by Frank J. Sileo (2021) Review

There’s beauty in everyone

Even though Mr. Baxter’s flower shop has plants of all sizes, colors and shapes, we meet the titular Blossom and Bud, two flowers who don’t like the way they look and often compare themselves to the other flowers.

The illustration by Brittany Lakin was stunning. They are colourful, diverse, and thoughtful. Frank J. Sileo delivered a powerful message of acceptance and body positivity in simple, interactive text that is easy to read to and BY children. Not to mention that the attention to detail is on point. I love how when using adjectives such as thin, thick, short, etc. The font reflected each of those adjectives. I also appreciated that the book begins with opposites. Both choices help children take pride and feel successful in their reading efforts.

I absolutely loved this book and will be adding it to my ever-growing classroom library! I’m really happy it comes out on April 13th, just in time for Spring!

Thank you, Magination Press, NetGalley and Frank J. Sileo for providing me with an advanced copy of Blossom and Bud in exchange for an honest review.

#BlossomandBud #NetGalley

Representation 10

Story 10

Illustration 10

My total rating: 5

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