Into the Fire by Rachael Blok (2021) Review

A three day house party in an countryside mansion? Sign me up!

(famous last words)

Sisters Louis and Ebba, and their partner Iqbal, host 8 guests in the siblings’ old country manor to celebrate the launch of their company’s ground-breaking virtual reality game. The guests are all stakeholders, and 3 days might be too long to keep all their secrets hidden. Louis and Ebba planned the perfect party, every single detail, including the presence of DCI Jansen. However, it is not long before tension build, secrets start to leak… and someone dies.

The story was so promising, I was interested in this book from the get-go. Blok made one of my most beloved tropes her own. The atmosphere was superb, and though this was a slow burner, I felt that the pace was perfect for the story development. I love multiple POV’s and Blok chose the perfect characters as narrators, we also get some flashbacks to a pivotal moment in the recent past. I enjoyed most characters, especially the contrast between the sisters’ personalities. I just wish that Iqbal and Marieke had lived up to their potential.

This is a book I recommend, even though its writing style wasn’t for me. The physical book comes out on June 1st, but the kindle version is available now! I have purchased it on its release day, and Blok intrigued me enough to check the first two books in this series!

Thank you, Head of Zeus, NetGalley and Rachael Blok for providing me with an advanced copy of Blossom and Bud in exchange for an honest review.

#IntotheFire #NetGalley

Enjoyability     5

Characters       7

Ambience        10

Fairness          8

Plot                  10

Execution        8

My total rating: 4

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