Children Literature: True Colors by Gonçalo Viana (2021) Review

If you can imagine it, it’s right

I loved the illustrations in this book, it was beautiful and original and the author seemed to be intentional with representation. The one thing by which I was put off was the “eyes”. In some illustrations there were many eyes, and I can see how younger children can be scared by this. That is my only caveat with the book’s illustrations.

This seems to be a book written in Portuguese and translated by the original publishing house, I wonder if portions of the message were lost in translation, in the sense of early reader ease of independent reading. Overall, I liked the simple sentences. And simply adored the message of the book – it empowers children to use their imagination and express themselves freely, even if goes “against” certain conventions. Especially with art, there is no right or wrong as each piece is a true expression of their artist – even if they are 2 or 10 years old!

I will be adding this book to my work library.

Thank you, Princeton Architectural Press, NetGalley and Gonçalo Viana for an advance copy of True Colors in exchange for my honest review.

#TrueColors #NetGalley

Representation 8

Story 7

Illustration 9

My total rating: 4

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