Hairpin Bridge by Taylor Adams (2021) Review

The literary equivalent of an adrenaline shot

Why I picked up the book:

Twins Lena and Cambry took different paths in life, but when Cambry dies of an apparent suicide, Lena doesn’t buy it. She believes her twin would have never killed herself and decides to investigate the incident by herself. All she wants is the truth, and she is willing to do risk whatever it takes to get it.

The book through my criteria lens:

The idea for the plot was fantastic, and with a tweak, it could even be a stage play as it mainly takes place in one place. It certainly has the tension for it! Lena offers us three different accounts: entries of a book she wrote relating Cambry’s last days, posts from her Blog about her decision to visit the place her twin allegedly committed suicide and interview the cop who found her, and her first-person account of the events that happened to her at Hairpin Bridge.

I loved Lena as much as I disliked Cambry. My heart ached for the latter, and she was dealt a bad hand at crucial parts of her life that led to her being so unlikeable. With that said, Adams did a great job humanizing her and making us feel bad for where her story ended, even if most of it directly resulted from her conscious choices. On the other hand, Lena is almost the polar opposite; she has been afraid her whole life but suddenly became the female Chuck Norris. Say what you want about Lena, she is someone who is trying to right her wrongs, and I can only respect that.

My personal feelings:

 Hairpin Bridge was my first Taylor Adams book, and I loved it! I was literally on the edge of my seat from the first chapter. The ball never dropped! It was a thoroughly exciting thriller, but quite a bit of disbelief suspension is needed! For one, I don’t mind it when the experience makes up for it, and that was the case with Hairpin Bridge. I can’t help but think that I would have liked this to be a shorter book, though. I think had this been a novella; it would have been perfect! But, whatever the size, this will make a great movie!

Every good action movie is an exaggerated version of reality; this book is no different. There are some extreme liberties and major questionable incidents, but I chose to look past them because they were used in a way that amped up the adrenaline and thrills. There are some scenes in the account of Cambry’s story that are genuinely terrifying. Adams also gave us so many twists and turns; I felt I had to keep reading to find out where else the story could go! And it went to exciting places. 

Hairpin Bridge is a book to enjoy and not overthink. It left me wanting more from Adams and I might have to pick up some of his other books, I hope they are as thrilling as this one!

Enjoyability     10

Characters       8

Ambience        8

Fairness          8

Plot            10     

Execution        7

My total rating: 4.25


Disclaimer:  I first read it as an ARC. In exchange for an honest review, I am thankful to Joffe Books, Taylor Adams, and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of Hairpin Bridge.

Until next book, be the hummingbird!

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