Children Literature: A Bear for Bimi by Jane Breskin Zalben (2021) Review

Kindness generates kindness

Bimi and his family immigrate to The United States as refugees and move into a neighbourhood where not everyone is welcoming. Evie and her parents live in the same neighbourhood and try to make the new residents feel included. Evie gifts Bimi her teddy bear as a symbol of friendship, and the bear has a pivotal role in the story.

I loved Zalben’s story. She did a wonderful job showing us how to welcome people into our lives and that kindness generates kindness. The story also has a powerful message that sometimes, by doing the right thing, we can inspire others to rethink their preconceived ideas. I loved how this story reflects the innocence of children and how they perceive the actions of adults. Zalben also brings an important message of empathy. The way Evie empathizes with Bimi is simply beautiful.

Nayberg’s illustration is absolutely stunning. I was mesmerized by the images.

I love the overall inclusivity, representation and message in this book and feel it will be a great addition to any children’s collection! We can learn a lot from the Saids and the Golds.

Thank you, Kar-Ben Publishing, NetGalley and Jane Breskin Zalben for providing me with an advanced copy of Blossom and Bud in exchange for an honest review.

#ABearforBimi #NetGalley

Representation 10

Story 10

Illustration 10

My total rating: 5

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