Devil’s Creek by Todd Keisling (Goodreads Review)

My enjoyment rating: 1 of 5 stars

Starting now my GR reviews will be based on enjoyment alone, hopefully this would help me actually post them!

This is a book I absolutely didn’t jive with me, if I could DNF I would have done so for this one. Finally I picked it back up since I put it down in March because I needed to finish it before the end of the year and the audiobook came out. Was that wise? No, is the short answer.

If I could let go of everything I hated about this book, I can say Keisling narrative and plotting are consistently good. Structuraly this was a great book, but the choices of direction was atrociously against everything I love about reading. I do reccomend you check trigger warnings.

If you don’t mind crude language, explicit (and taboo) sexual content, cults and anti-feminist writing this book is for you.

I understand that when writing about cults, the author needs to go places that are uncomfortable for most and commit to that narrative. However, there was a choice about a particular character that was unnecessary and quite frankly shallow, insensitive and tone deaf.

Enjoyment 2 Character 7
Ambience 10 Fair Play N/A
Plot 8 Execution 6
Deduction 4
Total 2.9

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