Can’t Look Away (2022) by Carola Lovering

My Review:

Jake and Molly fell in love at first sight. But their love story ends in heartache for both parties.

Years later, they both move on, and Molly is now happily married to Hunter living in a small town. They are having problems conceiving their second child, and Molly doesn’t feel like anyone understands the pain of her struggles. But then, newcomer Sabrina moves into town, and after two casual encounters – at Molly’s work and at the doctor’s clinic – they become fast friends. But Soon, both of their lives will collide as their past comes back to haunt them.

I am a huge fan of Lovering’s plotting. Her characters are compelling, relatable and are believable. They make real decisions a non-fictional person would make and I find that very refreshing. I also love how her love/intrigue triangles make sense.

She teases us by slowly releasing information, much like that pixel puzzle. Slowly you start seeing it more clearly, until you have the whole picture. It makes for a satisfying reading experience. Without spoiling anything as it is my personal taste, I absolutely adore her endings. So satisfying!

I both read and listened to the book. The audio production was fantastic, Caitlin Davies, Karissa Vacker and Zachary Webber brought the story to life with amazing chemistry, well paced narration, and a superb performance. I feel that it captured the essence of the book perfectly.

Characters: 10

Plot: 8  

Enjoyment: 10

Atmosphere: 10

Intrigue: 10

Writing / Execution: 8              

Fainess / Logic: 10

My total rating: 4.71

Disclaimer: Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for the ARC in return for an honest review.

Until next book, be the hummingbird!

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