Confessions (2008) by Kanae Minato

My copy was translated by Stephen Snyder My Review: Confessions is a hauntingly gripping story about love, loss, motherly bonds, and the worst of human nature. I appreciate how all of the characters are multidimensional, deep and consistent in their actions. I found it as hard not to understand where they were coming from and,Continue reading “Confessions (2008) by Kanae Minato”

Thirteen Storeys (2020) by Jonathan Sims

My Review: I won’t lie – I thoroughly enjoyed Thirteen Storeys as a whole. I loved each “Stor(e)y” as its own and honestly think this would be a great Shutter or Netflix limited series. There are enough creepy elements in each chapter to hold their own. Each chapter can be considered its own short story;Continue reading “Thirteen Storeys (2020) by Jonathan Sims”

She Said, Three Said (2020) by David B. Lyons

My Review: She Said, Three Said is not a book for everyone. It’s not a spoiler to say that the book heavily revolves around Sexual Assault. We start in the deliberation room when 12 jurors go over the evidence presented at trial to decide whether or not to convict three men of their alleged SAContinue reading “She Said, Three Said (2020) by David B. Lyons”

Can’t Look Away (2022) by Carola Lovering

My Review: Jake and Molly fell in love at first sight. But their love story ends in heartache for both parties. Years later, they both move on, and Molly is now happily married to Hunter living in a small town. They are having problems conceiving their second child, and Molly doesn’t feel like anyone understandsContinue reading “Can’t Look Away (2022) by Carola Lovering”

Reckless Girls (2022) by Rachel Hawkins

I have to say that I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did, I knew I was going to like it, because Hawkin’s debut thriller was a crazy ride I thoroughly enjoyed. In Reckless Girls we follow some people who find that it would be a great idea to sail toContinue reading “Reckless Girls (2022) by Rachel Hawkins”

The List by Carys Jones (2021) Review

What would you do if you found a list with your name on it? Why I picked up the book: Beth Belmont is on her daily run when she finds something different in a route she knows as the palm of her hand: the corner of a paper at the base of a tree. CuriosityContinue reading “The List by Carys Jones (2021) Review”

Children Literature: A Bear for Bimi by Jane Breskin Zalben (2021) Review

Kindness generates kindness Bimi and his family immigrate to The United States as refugees and move into a neighbourhood where not everyone is welcoming. Evie and her parents live in the same neighbourhood and try to make the new residents feel included. Evie gifts Bimi her teddy bear as a symbol of friendship, and theContinue reading “Children Literature: A Bear for Bimi by Jane Breskin Zalben (2021) Review”

The Chateau by Catherine Cooper (2021) Snapshot

You can run but you can’t hide Aura and Nick needed a fresh start. With their marriage on the rocks following a scandal, they moved to France to offer their children a better life and give their marriage a chance. They thought they were moving to paradise, but sometimes your past follows you, and someoneContinue reading “The Chateau by Catherine Cooper (2021) Snapshot”

Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price (2021) Review

Lizzie is a breath of fresh air Jane Austen Murder Mystery #1 Why I picked up the book: Pride and Premeditation is a mystery YA debut novel. In it, we follow Lizzie Bennet, a 16-year-old law fanatic and feminist extraordinaire who doesn’t accept women only being allowed in court as witnesses and wants to paveContinue reading “Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price (2021) Review”

The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner (2021) Review

Sisterhood of the travelling jar Why I picked up the book: The Lost Apothecary follows three heroines in two timelines as their lives are woven together by a secret apothecary and what it represents – an underground network of women who use Nella’s potions to exact revenge on the men who wronged them. It’s aContinue reading “The Lost Apothecary by Sarah Penner (2021) Review”