Just Married by Kiersten Modglin (2021) Snapshot

How well do you know your partner? Grace and Ryan have been married for six months and planned to go on their honeymoon for their first anniversary as money is tight! Out of the blue, Ryan surprises Grace with this Cabin in the woods he found and thought it’d be the perfect getaway for them.Continue reading “Just Married by Kiersten Modglin (2021) Snapshot”

The Street Party by Claire Seeber (2021) Review

When one night’s event can affect the lives of three families. Why I picked up the book: The neighbourhood of Northgate Square was not ready for Nella. When Nella and Marcus move into the community, she quickly made herself the queen bee. And what better way to exercise her influence than to take over theContinue reading “The Street Party by Claire Seeber (2021) Review”

The Playdate by Victoria Jenkins (2021) Review

When your past threatens your child’s future – can you really trust anyone? Why I picked up the book: Adele and Dani meet at a playgroup. Their children like each other. They become fast and unlikely friends – they don’t have a lot in common; Dani is single, living with her mom, struggling financially andContinue reading “The Playdate by Victoria Jenkins (2021) Review”