Come with Me by Ronald Malfi (2021) Review

Will death do them part? Why I picked up the book:  Aaron’s life is turned upside down when his wife, Allison, is killed. Missing her and still sensing her presence, Aaron is shocked to find a receipt for a motel room when he is sorting her belongings. He is determined to follow the trail andContinue reading “Come with Me by Ronald Malfi (2021) Review”

The Newcomer by Laura Elizabeth Woollett (2021) Review

Everyone deserves justice Why I picked up the book: Paulina is the titular newcomer on a small Australian island. After uprooting her whole life and moving to Fairfolk Island, Paulina has spent the past two days finding happiness and throwing it away. She was well known on the island for her antics and erratic behaviour,Continue reading “The Newcomer by Laura Elizabeth Woollett (2021) Review”

Just Married by Kiersten Modglin (2021) Snapshot

How well do you know your partner? Grace and Ryan have been married for six months and planned to go on their honeymoon for their first anniversary as money is tight! Out of the blue, Ryan surprises Grace with this Cabin in the woods he found and thought it’d be the perfect getaway for them.Continue reading “Just Married by Kiersten Modglin (2021) Snapshot”

The Hunted by Roz Nay (2021) Review

Hell in paradise Why I picked up the book: Stevie Erickson is looking for a fresh start. Losing her grandmother has turned her life upside down. When her boyfriend Jacob is offered a job on an island off the coast of Tanzania, she decides to go with him, despite her reservations.  They start their newContinue reading “The Hunted by Roz Nay (2021) Review”

The Maidens by Alex Michaelides (2021) Review

Greek tragedies ARE the best inspiration to murder Why I picked up the book: Death and tragedy have surrounded Mariana all her life. Still, since marrying the man of her dreams, finding her calling, and raising her orphaned niece, Zoe, as if she was her own, Mariana’s life seemed to be finally on track. ThatContinue reading “The Maidens by Alex Michaelides (2021) Review”

The Playdate by Victoria Jenkins (2021) Review

When your past threatens your child’s future – can you really trust anyone? Why I picked up the book: Adele and Dani meet at a playgroup. Their children like each other. They become fast and unlikely friends – they don’t have a lot in common; Dani is single, living with her mom, struggling financially andContinue reading “The Playdate by Victoria Jenkins (2021) Review”

Her Last Holiday by C. L. Taylor (2021) Review

How far would you go to find someone you love? Why I picked up the book: A few years ago, Jenna went on a retreat that ended in tragedy: She has gone missing. Two people died. Tom, the guru, was charged and convicted for his negligence. When Tom’s sentence has been served, he starts planningContinue reading “Her Last Holiday by C. L. Taylor (2021) Review”