Sixteen Horses by Greg Buchanan (2021) Snapshot

Intensively Dark We follow Ilmarsh detective Nichols and Forensic Veterinarian Cooper as they called in when a farmer finds the heads of sixteen horses buried on his property. Each head posed with a single eye facing the low winter sun. They soon discover a pathogen within the soil, and many of those at the crimeContinue reading “Sixteen Horses by Greg Buchanan (2021) Snapshot”

The Maidens by Alex Michaelides (2021) Review

Greek tragedies ARE the best inspiration to murder Why I picked up the book: Death and tragedy have surrounded Mariana all her life. Still, since marrying the man of her dreams, finding her calling, and raising her orphaned niece, Zoe, as if she was her own, Mariana’s life seemed to be finally on track. ThatContinue reading “The Maidens by Alex Michaelides (2021) Review”