Daisy Darker (2022) by Alice Feeney

My Review: Where to begin with Daisy Darker? I have struggled with a review because I have so much to say, yet no words. I am a huge Feeney fan, and I feel each book is better than the previous one, but Daisy Darker feels like a true masterpiece. It reads like a crafted workContinue reading “Daisy Darker (2022) by Alice Feeney”

Fear Street Relaunch Sampler R. L. Stine (2015-2017) Snapshot

Careful who you befriend Book #3 The Lost Girl was my first Fear Street book, and man, am I hooked! I didn’t grow up reading R.L. Stine, but my son loves Goosebumps and is now starting to read the Fear Street series. Reading these books is something we both do together and, in my opinion,Continue reading “Fear Street Relaunch Sampler R. L. Stine (2015-2017) Snapshot”